Getting Started

I’ve been thinking about where in the timeline of events I should start this blog. Do I take off writing about how the business is now or do I go back to the beginning and share why I started this business amidst the life altering struggles I was in? Faced with homelessness, and a sense of being so lost and utterly alone in a new part of the country I had just moved to, what pushed or drove me to do what I’m doing now.

Do I tell you about the clients, and not only the great ones, but also the ones that are a cleaner’s worst nightmare? There is a mixture, although less on the pleasant side of the scale and more of the ones you regret taking on their home.

I think that I will do a mixture of both. I’m that kind of person that, as a good friend of mine said… “When someone hands you lemons, you clean their house with them!“… and that’s absolutely true. I take the bad and realize it’s part of the experience and still smile.

Until next time, blessings *smiles*



About ecogreenmagic

I am an entrepreneur at heart and have a difficult time being an employee for another company. I'm restless, what with a 29 degree Mars in Aquarius.... what do you expect?
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