The Best of the Best!

Let me talk about the best clients and what makes me think so much of them and you may be wondering what would make you a good client for a house cleaner so they will want to keep you as their client.

It begins with their attitude and how they treat me and other people. These persons have a respect for everyone and what they do for a living. The best clients show an appreciation for the hard, and many times disgusting work I am doing for them because, to be honest, I’m doing the very things they may not want to do themselves.

Then there is the way we communicate with each other. It’s open and honest and the client is both direct, yet considerate in the request for changes to the routine or when they want additional tasks to be taken on. The best clients ask for these changes or additional work in advance and they usually make these requests at the current cleaning I’m doing for the next time I come or for even a later date which gives me time to get everything ready to do the job right.

Finally, and this is probably the key for me as to what makes a client the greatest and it’s the responsibility they accept in our business arrangement. They understand that this is my job and I expect to come to work and I will come to work as expected.

One of my favorite clients put it this way when we were making the arrangements for me to clean, they said they realized they were accepting responsibility for their part of providing an income for me which would be a part of the income needed to support me and that in exchange I was going to show up complete the work as we agreed.

The best of the best clients have that kind of attitude and respect towards people. We take our business arrangements seriously and honor the arrangements that we make.

That’s what sums up my best clients. This is what makes them shine in my opinion.

Till next time,



About ecogreenmagic

I am an entrepreneur at heart and have a difficult time being an employee for another company. I'm restless, what with a 29 degree Mars in Aquarius.... what do you expect?
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