The Theory of Cleaning

What is the theory of cleaning, or should I say what is my theory on cleaning.

I’ll tell you first what I don’t think it is and that is using any kind of chemicals created in a laboratory. Some people think that to bleach things to death means it is clean and that’s all they use and it’s as if they have blinders on they are so fixed on using bleach. While there are many states that still make it mandatory to use a bleach solution in cleaning, no one takes into account the terrible hazards bleach creates to the health of particularly children, the elderly and anyone with any kind of allergies or asthma . There are many healthier alternatives to cleaning which give equal results.

It all comes down to money and whose pockets are being lined. Alternative cleaners such as essential oils are produced by nature and are available for everyone to use while chemicals, which have almost nothing to do with anything from nature, are produced in laboratories that are patented which makes the big bucks for companies. That is why they are fighting natural cleaners – they can’t control the money.

Back to my theory of cleaning which is all about being healthy, clean and will also create a magical essence to your space. Using essential oils, particularly, changes the vibrations of the area along with improving the health of the persons living there. When you can combine a holistic approach to such a routine then in many cases an unwelcome job such as cleaning can transcend it into a ritual that you may willingly choose to do. You may surprise yourself and actually look forward to cleaning and to me, that’s my theory of cleaning. Having fun while doing it!




About ecogreenmagic

I am an entrepreneur at heart and have a difficult time being an employee for another company. I'm restless, what with a 29 degree Mars in Aquarius.... what do you expect?
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